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Course Information

Minimally invasive, ultrasound (US)-guided thyroid treatment modalities are becoming effective and safe alternatives to surgery in patients with benign thyroid cysts, solid non-functioning benign thyroid nodules that grow or become symptomatic, and in solid hyper-functioning nodules.

We have training centers across the USA where you can go visit a physician with experience in performing radiofrequency ablation of enlarged symptomatic benign nodules.

Here you will get a first hand look at how the exam room is setup, the patient prep process, an actual procedure with tips provided by the physician and also talk to the patient afterwards.

Course Objectives

  1. Experience first hand the patient prep process and flow.
  2. Understand what encompasses the whole Radiofrequency Ablation Procedure.
  3. Review and visualize how important the peri-thyroidal hydrodissection.
  4. Receive tips from experience physicians in RFA.
  5. Observe the radiofrequency ablation procedure performed on a patient.
  6. Interact with the patient afterwards to gain real-time feedback

Live RFA Case Shadowing and Training


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